Our Weekend Install Process

Let Us Show You How We Renovated This Banking Facility Over A Single Weekend!

Here is what this facility looked like before.

You can click on each one to get a larger view.

Step 1: Send us your contact information or pick up the phone and have a FREE, no obligation chat about your goals regarding giving your facility a completely new look and increasing your facility’s efficiency. Our 45 years of Commercial Woodworking and space planning will begin the stress-free custom design process for your needs.

Step 2: Our custom, unique modular design, and fabrication methods will provide viewable 3D models for your review and participate in designing workstations tailored to your needs.

Step 3: Modular Furniture Group uniquely provides you the Flexibility you may not have thought possible. This sustainable and durable product can be reassembled in a few hours and gives you the ability to modify, move, or re-wire computer equipment with ease. MFG is a turn-key design company that will manage your facility’s change and orchestrates all of the favorite or locale sub-contractors you choose.

Step 4: After establishing the design and your budget criteria, fabrication begins. MFG provides state-of-the-art engineering and utilizes computerized CNC machines to create precise and beautiful workstations ready to assemble.

Step 5: Installation processes vary and can adapt to your needs. MFG communicates and helps schedule the date and time with subcontractors involved in the quick “over the weekend” assembly process. Most of our installations happen in 48 hours or less and have amazing positive reactions from your customers. Customers appreciate doing business with a professional and efficient facility where they do their business.

Step 6: MODULAR FURNITURE GROUP COMPANY has more than 45 years of Commercial woodworking and has completed hundreds of projects perfecting our modular ready to assemble engineering methods and prides itself with hundreds of satisfied customers. We keep it simple and easy for you.

Here are the Before/After Results!


Another contractor was working for a bank owner. They commissioned this contractor to renovate floor coverings and interior wall configurations and replace the banks’ teller line. The net result was a complete interior facelift and teller line replacement. The client found Modular Furniture Group on the internet, and they formed a relationship to expedite this challenge of a complete interior change without a business shut down.

Modular Furniture Group assumed the lead in creating models for the customer to see (in actual size) and view 3D presentations of the new proposed teller line and work stations. The customer could visualize all the design details of precisely what they were acquiring. They accomplished the entire process in a few days and completely satisfied the owner. While we developed the owner’s design requirements, our factory’s cabinetry fabrication process commenced. The contractor was able to make their construction project changes simultaneously. The bank was able to keep its business open during the renovation.

We coordinated a weekend date with all the disciplines involved to make the actual tear out and reassemble. The bank closed as usual on a Friday afternoon. They demolished the existing workstations. They unloaded off the truck and assembled a new Modular Furniture Group Systems Mill Work Teller Station and other work stations.

They completed the fabrication and renovation on time and as ordered. The overwhelming customer response was and continues to be very positive and effective. The customer was delighted.